port [-D portdir] deps
     [--index] [--no-build]
     [[portname | pseudo-portname | port-expressions | port-url]]
port [-D portdir] rdeps
     [--full] [--index] [--no-build]
     [[portname | pseudo-portname | port-expressions | port-url]]


port deps lists all dependencies of the given port(s), i.e., the ports that need to be installed to build or use a port.

port rdeps recursively descends into the dependencies and displays a tree of dependencies for a given port.



When using rdeps, display all branches of the dependency tree instead of listing each dependency only once.


Do not read Portfiles, but instead rely solely on the PortIndex information. Note that this option will prevent the dependencies reported from reflecting the effects of any variants specified.


Exclude dependencies only required at build time, i.e., fetch, extract, and build dependencies.


Please see the section GLOBAL OPTIONS in the port(1) man page for a description of global port options.


Do not confuse dependents and dependencies (or, shortened, deps). Refer to the following example to understand the difference:

portA --> portB

portA depends on portB, i.e., portA needs portB to run. Because of that, portB is a dependency (or dep) of portA. After installing portA, portB has been automatically installed. At this point, portA has become a dependent of portB. You can only uninstall portB once all of its dependents (i.e., including portA) have been uninstalled.



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