port [-q] [-D portdir] info
     [--categories|--category] [--conflicts] [--depends] [--depends_fetch]
     [--depends_extract] [--depends_build] [--depends_lib] [--depends_run]
     [--description] [--epoch] [--fullname] [--heading] [--homepage] [--index]
     [--license] [--line] [--long_description] [--maintainer|--maintainers]
     [--name] [--patchfiles] [--platform|--platforms] [--portdir] [--pretty]
     [--replaced_by] [--revision] [--subports] [--variant|--variants]
     [[portname | pseudo-portname | port-expressions | port-url]]


port info prints information about the given ports. Specifying at least one of the options limits the output to the corresponding field. If no fields are specified, a useful default set consisting of name, epoch, version, revision, categories, replaced_by, variants, description, homepage, dependencies, platforms, license, and maintainers is shown.


The following options do not select fields for the output but change how the information is obtained or formatted:


Do not read the Portfile, but rely solely on the port index information. Note that this option will prevent the information reported from reflecting the effects of any variants specified.


Print a single line for each port. Fields are separated by spaces.


Format the output in a convenient, human-readable fashion. This is the default when no options are specified.

The rest of the options affect which fields will be given in the output:

--category, --categories

List the categories of a port.


List other ports that cannot be active at the same time as the given port.

--depends, --depends_fetch, --depends_extract, --depends_build, --depends_lib, --depends_run

List the specified dependencies of a port. --depends is a shorthand option for all other --depends_* options.

--description, --long_description

Print the short or long description of a port, respectively.

--epoch, --version, --revision

List the components of a MacPorts version tuple, epoch, version and revision, respectively.


Print name and the full MacPorts version tuple, e.g., “yubico-pam @2.16”.


Like --fullname but including the categories.


List the homepage of a port.


Print the license that applies to the source code of a port.

--maintainer, --maintainers

List the email address(es) of a port’s maintainer(s).


Print the name of a port.


List the patches that will be applied to the port, taking the current platform and selected variants into account. This information will not be available if --index is specified.

--platform, --platforms

List the platforms supported by a port. This field exists for historical reasons only. In modern MacPorts, this is always darwin, i.e., macOS.


Print the path to a port’s directory relative to the port tree root.


List the name of the port that replaces a port, if any.


Print a list of subports defined by this port’s Portfile, i.e., ports that are defined in the same Portfile because they share common parts.

--variant, --variants

List the variants defined by a port by name.


Please see the section GLOBAL OPTIONS in the port(1) man page for a description of global port options.


Do not print the field description when using --pretty output.



(C) 2014-2015 The MacPorts Project
Clemens Lang <>