port [-vdquxpf] [-D portdir] uninstall
     [--follow-dependents] [--follow-dependencies] [--no-exec]
     [[portname | pseudo-portname | port-expressions | port-url]]


port uninstall removes a port from your system. You can only uninstall a port if all dependents have been removed before or by applying force with -f.

If multiple versions of the same port are installed, you need to specify a version using the @version syntax. Use port installed to find out which versions are currently installed on your system. If multiple versions are installed and you did not specify a version, port will output a list.



Also uninstall all ports recursively depending directly or indirectly on one of the specified ports before uninstalling the port itself.


Also recursively uninstall all ports that the specified port depends on. This will not uninstall dependencies that are marked as requested or that have other dependents.


Do not execute any stored pre- or post-uninstall procedures.


Please see the section GLOBAL OPTIONS in the port(1) man page for a description of global port options.



(C) 2009 The MacPorts Project
Rainer Mueller <>